Stay at a Kirkland Hotel, We'll Pay You $$

Kirkland Ca$h — the City of Kirkland’s new community currency — has hit the streets and it’s the latest buzz around town! Kirkland Ca$h was created to support Kirkland’s local hotels and small businesses and can only be spent in Kirkland. Where & how do I get Kirkland Ca$h? Simply book a stay at a participating Kirkland hotel using the buttons below and you will receive $50 (per night) in Kirkland Ca$h to spend around town, but you need to act fast. This program is first come, first served, so please book your stay today to ensure you’re one of the first to pocket FREE Kirkland Ca$h to spend at any of more than 80 participating businesses around town!

Please note, you must make book and complete your hotel stay during the program window April 1, 2022 and June 30, 2022.

Where to Spend Your Kirkland Ca$h

From unique boutiques to wine bars, spas, nail salons, restaurants and more, Kirkland Ca$h is accepted as payment by a diverse range of businesses all over the City of Kirkland. Explore a new venue or patronize long favorites – redeeming Kirkland Ca$h benefits our local businesses. Click “View Businesses” to check out the entire list of small businesses you can support!

Explore More In Kirkland

Kirkland, Washington is known for its prime location right on the shores of Lake Washington. Beyond its many waterfront parks and trendy restaurants, the city is known for its unique vibe, combining urban buzz with waterfront relaxed and offering something for everyone from high-end boutique shopping to rugged hiking trails and lakeside dining. Kirkland boasts a vast array of adventures, activities, parks, shopping, and more. Check out the amazing things to do in Kirkland by clicking “Explore More” below!

Info For Kirkland Businesses

Kirkland Ca$h supports Kirkland businesses by bringing customers through your door, and marketing and promoting your business. Participation is free. Read more below, and sign up to participate as a redeeming business today. There is no cost to you, it only takes 5 minutes to get set up, and you will receive 100% of Kirkland Ca$h certificates redeemed at your business from the City’s “You Stay, We Pay” tourism incentive program.