IT’S EASY! Follow the steps below to distribute Kirkland Ca$h certificates.

Call Conpoto at 866.980.9531 or email Kirkland City staff at

Step By Step Instructions

  • Step Three: BEGIN

    Once logged in, click the “Send Gifts” dropdown button on top left, then select “Mail Certs


    Please ignore item 1 (Choose Email List) and item 2 (Enter Message), and proceed directly to item 3 (Choose Certificate).

    Enter Certificate Quantities: One Night Stay= Two (2) $25 Certificates for a total of $50. Two Nights Stay = Four (4) $25 Certificates for total of $100 (for a maximum of $100 per booking). One City Newsletter Subscription = One (1) $25 Certificate per guest, per room (for a maximum of two guests at $25 each).

    Enter Guest Name & Email, and Enter Reservation Number. Fill out the email and name of the Kirkland Ca$h recipient. Enter the guest’s hotel reservation number into the “Order Reference #” field. NOTE: Please ensure you are completing this step every single time as it is required by the City of Kirkland.

    Next, click “Add” just to the right of these fields.


    Click “Send Certs” to disburse funds.

    SUCCESS! Once you see the “Submit Complete” popup, you have distributed Kirkland Ca$h to the guest successfully.

  • If Necessary: CONFIRM

    Click “Activity” on top left-hand side, then click “View Orders” to confirm order went through successfully and that the guest’s email is correct. From this screen, you can view, edit, print, void or resend certificates. NOTE: It may take a minute for this new order to appear.

Hotel FAQ

  • What's the maximum amount of Kirkland Ca$h a guest can receive?

    The most Kirkland Ca$h a hotel is allowed to distribute is $100, regardless of the length of the guest stay.

    One night stay = $50

    Two night stay = $100

    Three night stay = $100

    Four night stay = $100

    You get the idea…

  • Can a guest receive Kirkland Ca$h if they didn't make their reservation through

    Hotel guests are eligible to receive $25 in Kirkland Ca$h by subscribing to the City of Kirkland’s Events Guide.

  • Are guests allowed to receive the $25 for subscribing to the City's newsletter in addition to the amount they get from booking their stay?

    No. Hotel guests cannot ‘double dip’— they may receive Kirkland Ca$h certificates either for subscribing to the Events Guide OR by booking through the booking links on this website. They may not receive Kirkland Ca$h for both activities. 

  • What if there are multiple guests in one room that sign up for the City's Events Guide?

    A maximum of 2x $25 Kirkland Ca$h certificates per room/per stay in return for a unique subscription to the Events Guide by up to two room occupants, regardless of stay duration. Please note: Hotel guests must show proof of Event Guide subscription prior to receiving Kirkland Ca$h.