• What Is Kirkland Ca$h?

    Kirkland Ca$h is Kirkland’s community currency, which can be used like cash ONLY at participating businesses located in Kirkland. It’s like a gift certificate that can be used at any of more than 80 participating businesses throughout the City of Kirkland.

  • Where can I spend Kirkland Ca$h?

    There’s a growing list of local businesses that accept the currency and you can view them here.

  • Can Kirkland Ca$h certificates be used more than once?

    No. Each certificate has a unique code that, when verified, cannot be reused.

  • Do Kirkland Ca$h certificates expire?

    Kirkland Ca$h certificates that were distributed as part of the 2022 “You Stay We Pay” promotion have an expiration date of August 31, 2022. Please spend your Kirkland Ca$h before the expiration date.

  • I noticed the City of Redmond ran a similar program, can I use Kirkland Ca$h in Redmond?

    No, Redmond businesses are not accepting Kirkland Ca$h and Kirkland businesses are not accepting Redmond’s community currency, Geek Out Gold. Kirkland gift certificates (Kirkland Ca$h) can only be used at participating Kirkland businesses.

  • Do Kirkland Ca$h certificates hold a balance?

    Each Kirkland Ca$h certificate is one-time use only, and the full amount must be used in a single transaction. We encourage to maximize the full certificate balance when spending your Kirkland Ca$h.

Still Have Questions?

If you still have questions, after reviewing our FAQ above, you can email the City of Kirkland at All Kirkland Ca$h PR and Media Inquiries to be directed to Joleen Zanuzoski at