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About Kirkland Wellness Center

Body and mind is a unity. Healing and improving both is essential. I combine ancient methods with modern applications to help you achieve your goals. Relieving pain or physical signs-symptoms should be the baseline goal, however optimal good health is beyond that; it is sustaining inner and external youthfullness, and being in harmony within and with the external world. Achieving this youthfullness, unity, harmony, and wellbeing leads to the expansion of self, which brings the ability to live a fullfilling life. Mindful practices (meditation), acupuncture, herbal medicine, holistic nutrition, energy psychology (Psych-K) and microneedling are proved to be very useful to reach that state of being. Microneedling is used to improve external youthfullness, however it has surprising positive impact on mental and physical health as well. Ancient longevity remedies and modern applications are at your service to achive your goals, whether it is pain management, healing internal condititions, cosmetic improvement, mental health, or personal transformation.